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Julie Collas - Oh my god she's parisian!

A comedy show 100%
about Paris


Oh my god she's Parisian is the newest English stand-up comedy  in Paris, and the one and only stand-up comedy show in Paris, performed entirely in English by a true Parisian... which has already been seen by over 30,000 spectators in just 3 years!


As the media so aptly put it, "Julie manages to make Parisians laugh at themselves", and that's quite a performance!


So if you're a Parisian, an expat or just visiting the city of Paris, if you're curious and a fan of stand-up comedy, don't hesitate to buy your ticket to see "Oh my god she's Parisian! In an intimate stand-up theatre, Julie will tell you all about the typical life of a Parisian, through singing, mime, improvisation with the audience and laugh-out-loud jokes!


Of course, you don't have to be a whiz at English, Julie has a french accent and her Parisian show is understandable by all! Don't forget, only a Parisian can tell you about Paris the way Julie knows it! After the comedy show, you might just feel more Parisian than the Parisians themselves!

You'll learn

Asset 7_3x.png

why the French kiss is not French!

why you shouldn't smile in the streets of Paris

why the French don't speak English well!

why there are more bicycles in Paris than in Amsterdam now!

Asset 7_3x.png

why Parisians always seem to be in a bad mood

Asset 7_3x_edited.png

how Parisians take the metro

Asset 7_3x.png

how they educate their children

... and so many other things you can only know if you're a born and bred Parisian!

Colored Theatre Lights

The ENGLISH theatre in Paris

The Bo theatre is now the PLACE in Paris to discover new comedians on the Parisian theatre scene. You can see theatre plays as well as one man shows and stand-up comedies. 
Equipped with the latest stage technology, you will spend a great moment in this intimate setting with your friends. You will even be able to enjoy a drink with the comedians after the show!
Located just a few steps away from the Place de la République, a very popular place for Parisians, where you will find many restaurants and bars for dinner before or after the show.
Like in a real comedy-club you can take your drinks to watch Julie's show.



Julie a true Parisian, left her career as a lawyer in mergers and acquisitions following the Bataclan attacks in paris, realizing that life is just too fleeting not to fully embrace it. Having spent considerable time in London during her childhood and in the United States for her studies, she realized that the city of Paris created a lot of fantasies and that people often had the wrong idea about Parisian life, so she decided to write a book. However, her wise friends suggested transforming it into a play instead.

It was a bit of a crazy gamble, leaving a well-paid job to go on stage, but she did it, and it just goes to show that anything is possible in life, as long as you fight for it and believe in it. So my advice to you: follow your dreams!

Transitioning from a lawyer to a comedian, I am living proof that it's never too late to pursue your dreams!

julie collas and her one-man show in paris next to the arc de triomphe
julie collas, the stand-up comedian on a paris bridge
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