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Julie Collas - Oh my god she's parisian!
the show in english oh my god she's parisian with spectators
girls standing with julie collas after her play oh my god she's Parisian
french people come to see the show oh my god she's Parisian

Wow... I enjoyed it ! Surely the best comedy show in English in Paris. I highly recommend it. An unforgettable moment. Thank you Julie, you made us die laughing!

Gaillagot Pascal 

"It's really a show for everybody, people visiting the capital as well as French people!"

Laurent Ruquier

I think I have rarely laughed so much! Julie COLLAS has an incredible energy, she twirls on stage, she transmits her good mood and her desire to give us pleasure, this evening of Valentine's Day, she made us an exceptional parisian show in great part improvised which is a performance! If you want to spend an excellent evening, run quickly to see Julie COLLAS, it is only happiness, I still laugh!


"The comedy show is ranked in the TOP 10 shows to see in Paris"

Le Parisien

I saw this show on a trip to Paris. Julie was so funny and there was a great balance between her performance and audience interaction. Loved it!


a chinese girl with julie collas the french comedian of the show in Paris oh my god she's parisian
a rugby man holding julie collas after her show in paris

"During the show the foreigners laugh their heads off and the Parisians hide to laugh"

Le journal du dimanche

I am a French guy living in Paris and I've seen the show with a friend from Chicago. We both laughed a lot. It's very funny, a lot of brilliant ideas and an amazing acting. I was very impressed by the show including the latest news to this very day, a lot of improvisation and interaction with the people. I recommand you go and see the show as soon as possible.


a girl's night out in Paris at julie collas show
julie collas and a spectator at oh my god she's parisian
a great show in english in Paris  at theatre Bo saint-Martin
Julie Collas - Oh my god she's parisian!

Great show! We came to see Julie for a bachelor party between English and French on our first evening in Paris, Julie's jokes continued to make us laugh until the end of the stay when we relived situations from the show 😅 Just awesome! Thank you for this moment.


A voir absolument, tres belle caricature de la parisienne vue par un oeil féminin.
Tres drôle et très bien fait


Julie Collas - Oh my god she's parisian!
a great show in english in Paris  at theatre Bo saint-Martin

"Comedian Julie Collas helps Parisians make fun of themselves"

The Scotsman
a girl saying that julie collas is the only friendly parisian in paris
a guy who decided to create his stand-up comedy after having seen the show oh my god she's parisian
Stand up with Julie Collas
Julie Collas put on an amazing hilarious show

"A hilarious parody of the French in their everyday life"


"Comedian Julie Collas helps Parisians make fun of themselves"


Very funny and engaging. I loved how she pulled the audience into her show. Having been in Paris for a few days, I really understood what she was talking about. Great way to spend an evening.


"Elegant? No way! Comedian Julie Collas breaks with the clichEs of the perfect Parisian woman."

Berliner Zeitung

« When you think of Paris, you think of romance, berets, baguettes and the Eiffel Tower but Julie collas will tell you the TRUTH! »

Voltage FM

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