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Julie Collas: Unveiling the Comedian Behind « Oh My God She's Parisian »

In the heart of Paris, where the Eiffel Tower glistens and the Seine River weaves its timeless tales, there exists a comedic sensation that adds a unique twist to the city's cultural fabric. Julie Collas has carved her place as a comedy maestro in the English theatre scene in Paris. Her one-man show, "Oh My God She's Parisian," has become a legendary and unmissable gem in the city's entertainment landscape. In this portrait, we unveil the charismatic woman behind the laughter, tracing Julie Collas journey into comedy show, exploring the essence of her standout show, and discovering why "Oh My God She's Parisian" is unlike any other comedy performance in the City of Lights.

Julie Collas: A unique Stand Up Comedy in Paris

Julie Collas' journey to comedic success is a story brimming with passion, talent, and an unbridled love for making people laugh. A native Parisian and a former lawyer in the corporate world, she came to a life-altering realisation: life was too short not to fully embrace it. With a leap of faith, she left behind her legal career and embarked on a new path as a stand-up comedian, with a mission to introduce "her beloved city" to people from all around the world.

Trained in the art of improvisational comedy, Julie honed her skills in small theatres, gaining experiences that would later shape her unique comedic style. Her quick wit and the ability to find humour in the everyday nuances of Parisian life quickly made her a standout in the city's comedy circuit.

Throughout her career, Julie Collas has won acclaim not only for her impeccable comic timing, but also for her endearing side. She has a remarkable gift for making a personal connection with audiences, sharing the quirks and joys of her own experience as a Parisian. With every performance, Julie showcases her sense of comedy, combining sharp observation with a sincere love for her craft. This unique combination has made her a benchmark in the world of English comedy in Paris.

The road to success

The creative force behind "Oh My God She's Parisian" is a testament to her dedication and talent. Her path to comedic success has been marked by determination and hard work. Starting her career on the Parisian comedy scene, Julie honed her skills in improvisation, where quick thinking and quick wit are essential.

Julie has faced challenges and triumphs, each contributing to her growth as a comedian. The demanding world of comedy demands resilience and perseverance, and Julie Collas has embraced it wholeheartedly. She has weathered the ups and downs of the industry, all the while staying true to her unique comedic voice and the vision she had for "Oh My God She's Parisian". Everyone told her that an English-language show in Paris wouldn't work, and well, it did! Julie was right to listen to her inner voice!

Her journey to success has not been without its share of hilarious anecdotes and memorable experiences, many of which find their way into her show.

Parisians in Luxembourg Parc

"Oh My God She's Parisian": An exceptional Parisian show

At the heart of Julie Collas' comedic journey is her magnum opus, "Oh My God She's Parisian". This english one-man show in Paris is a theatrical marvel that stands out from the hustle and bustle of the theatre scene. What sets it apart is not just the humour, but also its unique take on Parisian life. The show is a delightful blend of comedy, storytelling and cultural insights:

  • A sharp wit that explores the peculiarities of Parisian habits.

  • A charming exploration of the quirks of language and the endearing chaos of the city.

  • A journey to the heart of Paris, seen through the eyes of a true Parisian.

  • A universal appeal that resonates with natives, expats and first-time visitors alike.

Audience testimonials and reviews often praise the show's ability to capture the spirit of Paris in a way that is both heartwarming and hilarious. "Oh My God She's Parisian" is a testament to Julie Collas's comedic talent and unique ability to present Paris through a humorous lens, making it a must-see show for anyone looking for a deeper, and decidedly fun, understanding of Paris.

"Oh My God She's Parisian » captures the true Parisian life.

At the heart of "Oh My God She's Parisian" lies its uniqueness, an attribute that sets it apart in the world of comedy and theatre in Paris. What makes this show truly exceptional is its ability to capture the essence of Parisian life with a touch of humour that resonates universally. Julie Collas, with her keen observations and comedic brilliance, takes audiences on a journey through the quirks and charms of the city she calls home.

Julie Collas' comedic journey has led to the creation of "Oh My God She's Parisian," a comedy show that uniquely captures the essence of Parisian life with humour that transcends boundaries. It's an unmissable experience that invites laughter and insight for audiences of all backgrounds. To witness the charm of Paris through Julie Collas' eyes, you can discover and book tickets for this exceptional comedy show on and Julie Collas and "Oh My God She's Parisian" offer a delightful understanding of Paris that is both entertaining and heartwarming.

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